Meet Arti Hannoe


I love to watch people grow

Do nothing? That is not for me. I start my day by planning and organizing that day. What is on my #todolist and what has priority.


Organizing, planning, coming up with solutions, working more efficiently, flexible and creative are my core values. Ensuring growth, simplification and speed for your company. We help each other!


Having worked as a personal assistant at a beautiful (family) company for almost 14 years, I have seen the company grow and flourish. To have been involved in this is a very nice, good experience for my business and personal growth. It has given me the right basis to continue as a virtual assistant, personal assistant, event planner or organizer. The challenges that come with this can be tough, but they ensure the right growth.


In my private life I love to listen to music, watch movies, cook delicious food and see the world. Although The Hague is his home, the rest of the world is open to take in my own life. It provides a worldly view of life and more color. Everyone likes a little more color in their lives!